Our goal is patient focused services.
At the Memory Clinic of Outaouais we take the time to know your history, symptoms and needs, while striving to provide you with the best available care.

Our Quest for Excellence
We follow internationally recognized clinical practices, and we are always expanding our knowledge. We also contribute to ground breaking scientific research, teach and innovate, all while being effective and efficient.

Working in Partnerships 
We provide an environment where patients, their loved ones, the clinical research team, social network, and the medical reserach partners can work together to find ways to prevent and decrease the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease symptoms.

We advocate for coherent, , transparent and respectful communcation at all times with all members of the partnership, while respecting the privacy of our patients.

Patients and their loved ones are always treated with respect and dignity. The staff at the  Clinique de la Mémoire advocate for courtesy, civility and politeness.

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