What is Alzheimer's Disease?

Alzheimer's disease is the most common type of dementia, making up approximately 70% of all cases. Anyone over the age of 65 is at a higher risk to develop Alzheimer's disease. It diminishes cognitive, verbal and physical abilities by destroying brain cells. This in turn affects our ability to think, to learn new things, and to remember. Many scientific experts are working to ameliorate our understanding of this devasting disease, thus searching to find more effective treatments and

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How do we treat memory loss?

Ottawa Memory Clinic can help in the detection of the preliminary signs of memory decline. We work in synergy with you and your loved ones to find a treatment option and a better quality of life for those diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Our services include :

  • Precision of diagnosis
  • Information, evaluation and followup appointments
  • Providing different treatment options

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Memory Clinic of Outaouais

How does Ottawa Memory Clinic function?

If you are having trouble with your memory, you can make an appointment for a FREE consultation at our clinic, where our knowledgeable specialists will evaluate your symptoms. During this appointment, we will carry out a varierty of tests in order to determine the severity or any presenting memory toubles. You will be asked to be accompanied by a friend or a family member to your appointment.

Frequently asked questions

are you at risk?

It is vital or memory loss be targeted early on, while symptoms are mild and do not interfere with the activities of everyday life.

Ottawa Memory Clinic

We at Ottawa Memory Clinic are here as your first line of defense against symptoms of memory loss, and other neurologic problems associated with Alzheimer's disease.

By focusing on early detection and prevention, we work with you and your family to choose treatment plan, whicc will hopefully allow you to maintain a better quality of life.

The team at the Ottawa Memory Clinic have been conducting clinical trials for numerous years, and are experts in this field.

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What our patients  think of us

  • "I accompany my mother every day down the path of this strange disease called Alzheimer's disease. One day I passed the Memory Clinic and had no idea what a research programs was. I discovered a respectful and highly dedicated team with great availability and the ability to really listen. The entire team at the Memory Clinic of Outaouais is very passionate about their work."
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